PFP Teacher Recommendation
PFP Teacher Recommendation


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Do you teach the candidate during the current 2015-2016 school year?
Have you taught the candidate since September 2015? If not, when did the candidate enter your class?
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Please specify which subject(s) you teach the candidate. If you are in A) Self-contained class, please answer 'all major subjects'

To what extent is this student attentive in class?
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2. To what extent does this student really get involved in material being studied or discussed rather than perfunctorily complying with demands?

3. How often does this student come to school unprepared with homework or study assignments?

4. Have you seen any indication that this student wants to do more than you ordinarily expect of your class as a whole?

5. In your estimation, does this child have much determination to succeed, willingness to persist in difficult tasks or situations, "ambition" or any other traits likely to promote academic success?

6. Does this student possess any special talents or involvement in athletic or school activities? (Art, Music, Science, Student Government, Sports, Etc.)

7. Is there anything about this child's behavior or attitude towards you, classmates, learning or classroom expectations that has been a problem for you and/or should concern us? Is the student self assertive (even sometimes aggressive) in his or her own beliefs?

8. If there is anything else about this child which you feel ought to be considered in determining whether this child is likely to succeed in a very demanding academic environment, please indicate such. (In some cases this may call for positive comments, in other cases, negative remarks.)